Mehmet Firat Tanrikulu aka samsimsom was born in Ankara in 1984. He graduated from 9 Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Art Graphic Department in 2010. He had decided to start his career based on 3D character designing during his education and his senior design project was about graphics on video game industry.

He started his career in Pana Film as a 3D Character Artist in 2010 for a year; then he started to work at Robotika Films as a 3D Character Artist for three years. Since 2013 he works as a freelancer and creates various characters for media such as commercials, movies, animated movies, video games, printed media e.t.c. You can see the details profile sec.

Besides his “3D character artist” title he did workshops about ZBrush at Anima School in 2015 for a year; also he has done several workshops based on character modeling in universities such as Yasar University. His works have exhibited in a group exhibition in Istanbul.

He had lived in Montreal QC. He worked as a Modeler in ScanlineVFX in 2020 and he worked on some big movies such as Free Guy, Avengers Eternals and The Batman

samsimsom currently lives in Istanbul. He works as a 3D Artist in Dream Games.

If you want to see detailed information please check his Linked-in profile.

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